Urban Park

About Us

Urban Park Nepal is an Architecture and Planning Design Studio based in Kathmandu, Nepal, founded in 2016.

With an assorted team of Architects, Urban Planners and Civil Engineers, the establishment emphasizes designs based on Concept leading them into Realization. Here, we strive to design not just buildings but spaces that enhance the quality of life of the users confronting the challenges presented by the modern society. 

We respect the distinctive requirements of every client, constraints of various sites and work collectively to produce a design based on the corresponding parameters.

Our Services

As a young, growing and dynamic firm, we’re ready for any sort of collaboration which basically deals with the problem-solving activity through the innovative and evidence-based design approach. 

  • Architectural Design
  • Interior Architectural Design
  • Neighbourhood Planning
  • Strategic City Planning
  • Thematic Planning
  • Feasibility Study and Project Development 
  • Architectural Brand Identity, Market Research, and Strategic Design

We’re also open to collaboration for the project design, development, and construction, collaborating with reputed firms in Nepal, where we primarily work as PMC (Project Management Consultant).