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Tulasi Hospital

Hospitals aren’t the places general public want to spend their time in willingly. We avoid the visits unless necessary. The hospitals have an image of exuding a depressing environment even when we step inside the premises and the buildings do not usually cater to the visual aesthetics. It has been a debate whether such an environment promotes or deteriorates the mental health of patients and visitors alike.

The design concept of the Tulasi Hospital is to change the preconceived perception of the hospitals from daunting to inviting. The integral part of the design is the large semi open atrium at the main entrance which opens up to four floors above. The grand entrance lined with green extending upward stimulates a calm environment amidst the chaos. The foyer seeks to maximize the visual connection between the internal and external environments and also functions as a triage space in case of emergencies.

The building can be accessed through 3 distinct entrances – General, Emergency and Service. The General Entrance to the hospital has been lavishly designed with an easy to access Reception at the indoor entrance. A children’s Park has been proposed behind the Reception with access to the adjoining garden space. The Open atrium with the huge green walls acts as a transition space between the exterior and the interior.