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Step Up Restro and Sports Bar

  • Client: Step Up Restaurant
  • Location: Lakeside, Pokhara
  • Total Floor Area: 3500 Sq. Ft.

The Interior Project of the StepUp Restro and Sports Bar located in the thriving tourist center, Pokhara revolves around the concept of an engaging modern design with easy to navigate spaces for all users. The four levels of segregated spaces cater to different user groups. The ground floor has been designed as a kitchen, the first level as The VIP section, the second level as The Lounge, the third as The Sports Bar and the upper as The Open Terrace. The terrace gives away the view of the gorgeous mountains and the lake which are the prime attraction of the Pokhara City.

The entrance corridor has been designed to elevate the sense of tiny entrance. The dark and narrow corridor has been transformed to invite users. The use of the mirror at one end enlarges the sense of space and the well-lit ceiling design draws the attention upward. The ceiling of each section has been designed differently to create a varied atmosphere. The geometric origami ceiling of the Lounge has been designed to offer an interesting perspective from the street and attract the public into the interior. The retractable roof over the Sports Bar has been designed to offer an exciting experience to the customers.